Run the Runway

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Run the Runway Ticket for Morning Sunday 28th April 

Kicking off the day and ahead of the World Record attempt, we have the opportunity for  adrenaline junkies who’d like to drive as fast as they dare to find out what their MX-5 is capable of in a safe and legal environment.

We are offering members the opportunity to ‘run the runway’ and a chance to hit your top speed or run head to head over a set distance.

While Richard Hammond was a famous visitor to this circuit you are encouraged to keep your speed below 288mph.

Places for this activity are extremely limited.

Activity will run from 10am - 11am, briefing will be early.

Helmets - While not essential for this individual activity we do advise that helmets are worn. The Club has a very limited number of helmets available for visiting members to use, Novice sessions and passengers are given priority. If you need advice on helmets please contact Motorsport Coordinator Peter Mcnicol.​​​​​​​

Important please note:  Refunds are not permitted within 7 days of the event. Refunds will only made to the person who purchased the ticket via the original means of payment.

Product Code MS2019_11