Multi-functional Club Neckie Bandana


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Multi-Functional Club Bandana

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About This Product

Great fun, multi-purpose multi-functional and Versatile multi-Use Garment

Specially designed MX-5 Owners Club printed design. Made with 100% Coolmax Microfiber with Repel technology keeping your bandana dryer for longer without any loss of functionality. Seamless Knit. GIRAFFE® 1.3oz and measures approx 50cm x 24.5cm. One size fits all. Supplied with 

Perfect for the desert, snow capped mountains or just out and about in your MX-5 with 30 UPF sun protection. Wicks away moisture when you’re hot and keeps you toasty when it’s cold. Cover your mouth and nose with your bandana for modest face 

Over 12 ways to wear a the MX-5 Owners Club Bandana.

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