20th Anniversary Jubilee Book

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Produced for the MX-5's 20th Anniversary. Very Rare.
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MX-5 Owners Club exclusive.

Recently uncovered in the Mazda Archive the MX-5 20th Anniversary Anniversary Jubilee Booklet was prodced in celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the MX-5 and takes an in depth look at the car's history and development.

This is a very rare and essential publication for all MX-5 owners, collectors and fans.

These have been made available from Mazda in a very limited quantity exclusively to the MX-5 Owners Club, the publication is a long time out of print, very rarely available and a much sought after collectors item.

These books are in new condition, we are storing them archivally and every effort is being taking to keep them in good contiton, they have been box stored for many years.

76 page high quality archive publication.

Limited availabilty -  RARE less than 5 remaining.

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Product Code MAZJBL20