Spring Rally Balloon Flight

Book your Flight in the Spring Rally Hot Air Balloon!

Ticket information

Soar up above the Rally on a tethered Hot air Balloon ride to take in the magnificent views over Bristol and Avon and of course the Cars and Rally below!

tethered taster flight experience will give you the thrill of climbing aboard and lift off, spending time in the air before gently descending to the ground again. 
The pilot will determine the height and length of flight according to conditions at the time of the event. Flights will run throughout the day, you can purchase a ticket in half hour slots to attend the launchpad to wait for your basket.

Important : Tickets for the Balloon are NOT AVAILABLE ON THE DAY.

You will be sent an email confirmation only - Please PRINT and bring your email confirmation to the CLUB DESKS at the rally to collect your voucher to fly. 
No flights will be possible without your voucher.

Maximum of 3 Passengers per flight. Passengers need to be aged 7 years and over.

Please ensure that you arrive at the Balloon with your voucher at least 5 minutes before your scheduled flight times.

Please note these tickets are highly weather dependant and in the result of cancellation, tickets will be refunded after the event.

Technical specifications

Code: SPBF1
Weight: 0.01kg

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